The Beginning Of The End Of These Casinos

It was in 1975 when things started to take a turn for the worse for the Vegas Mafia. As it turned out, singer Allen Glick had a few secrets on his own. A silent partner by the name of Tamara Rant had loaned Glick half a million dollars a few years before and believed she was entitled to a 5% stake in the casinos. When Glick refused to negotiate, Tamara attempted legal action against him. Which would therefore require opening Allen Glicks ‘ books in court. But Tamara had sealed her fate without knowing it.

The e 9 November 1975 , an armed man broke into the home of Tamara . He grabbed her by the jaw and shot her five times in the head. The only difference between the movie and the real thing may be that Spilotro shot himself

Tamara’s murder made headlines and caused much suspicion around Allen Glick . Harassed by hordes of journalists, he denies having anything to do with his death or being affiliated with organized crime.

Even if the suspicion alone was enough to convince the authorities to take a closer look and dig a little deeper. They also found out how Rosenthal secretly ran unlicensed gambling casinos and if he wanted to continue he would have to apply to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. But this is impossible for Lefty due to his criminal record.

The Court Game Control Board

In April 1977 , Rosenthal became the director of Stardust Entertainment and hosted a late night talk show called Frank Rosenthal show where he interviewed celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Don Rickles and even OJ Simpson . He also showed musical acts and had discussions on the disco scene that he wasn’t great to be honest but it didn’t matter to Lefty . He really wanted to use his show as a platform to attack the Nevada Gaming Commission

While parading on TV, Lefty was seriously testing the patience of the Mafia. Instead of giving up, he was attracting all kinds of unwanted attention. A problem the bosses were already trying to solve elsewhere while Rosenthal fought for justice.

The “Ant” That Put An End To The Mafia

Due to the actions of Tony Spilotro , especially when he opened a jewelry store in 1976 . He used it as a launching pad for flight operations. Spilotro knew that many types of alarms would sound if the doors were broken. But he could avoid that by breaking through the wall. So the mafia got a new nickname which is “ the hole in the wall” . Las Vegas police claimed to have investigated members of the Mafia, the FBI intervened and opened an investigation and began to monitor all of them.

Spilotro’s arrogance led him to violate Mafia laws. He had a relationship with Lefty’s wife , and this under Mafia law is a felony punishable by death. After his assistant was arrested, the police agreed with him that he would remain a witness against Tony Spilotro . The assistant agreed, after hearing a secretly taped recording containing Tony’s voice as he approved of his assistant’s murder.

After the failed assassination attempt on Lefty and a series of arrests, the Tangier Casino was closed in 1983 . The other casinos of this kind did not take long too.

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